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Jakub Kubečka

Transpersonal Coaching

The need for growth is in our DNA

"Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love."
― Rumi

The desire to grow and improve is imprinted deeply in our DNA. This universal principle of life allows the emergence of a plant from a seed, a butterfly from a larva... it also directs man to the fulfillment of his full potential.

The need for transcendence, as Abraham Maslow himself called it, means that we are inwardly guided and destined to transcend our limits and limiting beliefs. Beyond that, we discover the transcendent space of our unlimited possibilities, connect with something bigger than us, and recognize who we really are. Maslow refers to these as peak experiences , adding that they are a determining factor of happiness and meaningfulness in life.

This inner desire for greater wholeness ignited in me many years ago... and has not been extinguished since. It inspired me to study a variety of teachings, both theoretical and practical, whose central theme is personal transformation. And that is why I am here now, ready to embark on a common journey with everyone who wishes to take full responsibility for their lives and embark on a journey to fulfill their potential.

Maybe you're the one feeling the call... Today's times clearly show us that there is nothing more important than each individual taking responsibility for cultivating and developing their own consciousness. This will allow a greater experience of happiness, health, abundance and fulfillment not only for ourselves, but also for our community and humanity as a whole.

"Individual self-transcendence collectively inspires humanity at large."
- Sri Chinmoy


Transpersonal – the experience of oneself transcends (trans) the framework of one's own personality (personal)

When working with my clients, I apply elements of transpersonal psychology, which emphasizes the spiritual dimension of human existence. In this conception, the experience of the self is not limited to the body and mind... we are consciousness itself, permeating the universe, nature and other beings. This understanding affects our value system and gives a higher meaning to our existence. The main domain of this approach is the altered states of consciousness that unlock this knowledge for us. Such states of consciousness can arise spontaneously during life-changing moments, they can be the result of meditation practice or breathing techniques, they can be induced by psychedelic substances or other methods.



Integration – The psychedelic experience itself is usually a powerful catalyst for life change. I believe that the more attention and energy we devote to the period before (preparation) and after (integration) of this experience, the greater the potential to positively transform our lives such an experience can have.

Microdosing – A new trend in the use of psychedelics, which is nowadays very popular. I have been studying the trend myself for many years and I can claim that I am able to effectively set up all possible variables in such a way that this means significantly contributes to improving the quality of life. I emphasize the importance of your own inner work – no "pill" will do the work for you.

Other herbal medicines and supplements

I also work with other herbal medicines that have been part of holistic healing of various cultures around the world. Thanks to the combination of the original wisdom of these cultures with new scientific knowledge, I am able to navigate effectively in such a way that the application of a certain herbal preparation in combination with other techniques allows you to improve the quality of life at the level of body, mind and spirit – e.g. support for sports performance, cognitive functions, concentration, relaxation and more.

Meditation, breathwork and other techniques of inducing altered states of consciousness

I also integrate inner mastery techniques into my work with clients – various types of meditation, visualization, breathing techniques, work with the subconscious, or kriya yoga techniques that help integrate the transpersonal dimension into everyday experience.

The learning I rely on

Transpersonal Psychology

Modern psychology integrating the spiritual dimension of experience. It accepts the teachings of the original spiritual cultures and understands man as a being beyond the body and mind. It works with values, the meaning of life and peak experiences such as mystical experiences, states of flow, inspiration. It helps to integrate these experiences into the life of the individual.


Shamanism is not only a theoretical teaching, but especially a practical system. It can be argued that it is the oldest healing system and at the same time a science working with altered states of consciousness. The central idea is the connection of man with nature, which can be achieved through the application of the right herbs, breathing techniques, meditation, music, dance, singing and more... The result of the use of these techniques are deeply healing states of consciousness.

Quantum physics

A newly emerging scientific discipline that, unlike classical physics, proclaims that originally material particles are immaterial in nature. The immaterial dimension is therefore the basis of everything that exists. A particle is determined not by position, but by wavelength – energy, quantum potential. How this potential will be materialized is determined by the observer – ourselves. This scientific discipline goes hand in hand with the original theory of yoga, which proclaims that through techniques inducing states of altered consciousness, we can connect with this quantum potential and become the creators of our reality.

Why coaching?

The transpersonal approach of coaching helps to recognize and nourish the interconnectedness between individual dimensions of man, other people, nature and the universe. Thanks to this, a shift in a person's consciousness can occur – which makes it possible to find ways out of previously hopeless situations and to approach their visions and goals. We also talk about values and the meaning of life.

I take a holistic approachI perceive the client holistically, as already complete, resourceful – not as someone who is broken and needs repair. This approach is very different from conventional therapy and fully resonates with the transpersonal concept, where a person is perceived as an unlimited being.

In this tuning , I create a space where I apply qualities such as intuition, compassion, mindfulness and empathy that allow me to connect with the client on a deeper level. I look through his limiting beliefs and limits, and hold up a mirror using properly guided questions, silence, or other techniques that allow him to remember his true power, leading to a breakthrough in perception – the coaching experience itself becomes an altered state of consciousness.

"Problems in an individual's life are caused by disconnection from the transpersonal or spiritual dimension, by re-establishing the connection all limitations disappear."

My passion for maximizing human potential has been my strong motivation for theoretical and practical study of various directions dealing with holistic approach to life - natural medicine, yoga, transpersonal psychology, but also modern approaches such as neuroscience and biohacking have opened doors of previously unseen possibilities...

Currently, I am passionate about traveling around the world, coaching, transpersonal therapies and motivational work.