Natural energy drink from the Amazon

This is Guayusa. A plant native to the Amazon, where it is a popular energy drink due to its high content of stimulating compounds. It can reliably replace coffee without unpleasant bodily sensations.

Thanks to a wider range of active ingredients, it provides not only stimulation but also euphoria and pleasant relaxation.

Due to its high content of vitalizing substances, Guayusa is also one of the superfoods, so it has a comprehensive effect on the whole organism.

The effects are mainly ensured by three main compounds:


Strong stimulating effects.


Stimulating, euphoric and aphrodisiac effects.


Relaxing and calming effects.

Wakes you up effectively

The high content of gradual release caffeine ensures clean and long-lasting stimulation.

In combination with other active substances, Guayusa improves the ability to concentrate, pay attention and concentration.

All this completely without the unpleasant bodily sensations that accompany drinking ordinary coffee.

Coffee 120mg
Guayusa 90mg
Yerba Maté 70mg
Black tea 50mg
Green tea 35mg

The average content of caffeine per 250 ml


The unique effects of Wayusa are caused by the substances theobromine and l-theanine.

Theobromine not only acts as a stimulant, but also causes euphoric and aphrodisiac effects, thus effectively improving mood.

The substance l-theanine calms the body and thus relieves excessive stress and tension. It also acts as a nootropic and improves mental performance.

The unique combination of these two compounds ensures a pleasant euphoria and tunes to any activity.

Guayusa as a Superfood

Guayusa is classified as a superfood due to its high content of vitalizing substances. It contains mainly antioxidants, to a much greater extent than green tea.

There are also a high amount of other beneficial substances, including vitamins D and C, zinc, calcium, magnesium, chromium, chlorogenic acid, and other essential amino acids with beneficial effects.

With its content of substances, Guayusa thus revitalizes the organism, slows down the aging process, supports the immune system, and optimizes the functions of individual organs.


Guayusa does not contain tannins, substances that cause bitterness in classic herbal drinks.

It is so naturally sweet, its specific earthy taste with slightly caramel undertones cannot be confused with anything.

Spirit of Guayusa

Guayusa is considered a sacred plant in the Amazon, which, in addition to its stimulating effects, also supports healing at deep levels. It is an indispensable part of the daily rituals of the locals, during which they gather every morning by the fire and, with the help of Guayusa, create a safe energy space where they share their dreams, intentions, and visions for the day.

The legend of the Amazon Kichwa tribe says that “Guayusa has a soul with a very strong energy that gives people courage and motivation to achieve their noble goals.”

We can only recommend combining your morning with Guayusa ritual – just stop for a moment, tune in to yourself, the energy of the plant, and the intention of the new day…only then will be the therapeutic effect of Guayusa maximized.

With regard to quality and the environment

Our Guayusa is 100% organic. Grown in the traditional way in the original Amazon rainforest without any chemical additives and means.

We guarantee first-class quality with BIO certification.

Fair trade certification means that Guayusa is bought from the locals at a fair price, helping them to maintain a regular source of income.


Green classic form Ecuadorian Guayusa is obtained by slow drying process, where there is no fermentation. Guayusa thus retains its taste and color but above all a high amount of active ingredients.

The dark form of the Ecuadorian Guayusa is obtained by the traditional method of collection and drying, during which there is a slight fermentation, which thus gives the drink a characteristic taste and color. The prepared drink is dark in color with a specific bitter earthy flavor and a slightly caramel undertone.

We offered Guayusa in the form of crushed leaves or instant powder

The crushed leaves are suitable for the traditional method of preparation – they are slowly cooked over a low heat for about 15 minutes. Longer cooking times allow the maximum amount of active ingredients to be released from the plant. The resulting drink is also richer in terms of taste.

The instant powder is suitable for individuals who do not want to worry too much about the preparation. Just pour boiling water over the powder, wait 5-10 minutes and the drink can be consumed immediately.

wayusa spicy promo

Guayusa Spicy Cinnamon - a unique taste experience

We have at our disposal our own exotic mixture of Guayusa, which very quickly became one of our best-selling products. The mixture contains green Guayusa, lemongrass, and leaves of the Amazon tree Ishpingo, which is nicknamed “spicy cinnamon” for its taste and aroma.

While lemongrass gives the drink a pleasantly sweet citrus taste and aroma, Ishpingo complements it with a mildly spicy undertone. Together with Guayusa, this creates a great combination of Ecuadorian herbs, which not only tastes great, thanks to the combination of active ingredients from individual plants, it also revitalizes the body and pleasantly tunes into every day.

Guayusa Extracts - energy packed for travel

We also have a series of extracts from Guayusa which are particularly suitable for travel and situations where you can not prepare regular drink.

The extracts are made from the leaves of green Guayusa, enriched mainly with active substances such as caffeine, theobromine and antioxidants. This composition makes the extracts an effective and natural source of energy, which can be used anytime and anywhere thanks to its simple application.

12: 1 Extract in powder – it is a dried, powdered extract, which can be consumed either directly or dissolve it in various liquids or foods. This type of extract is also suitable for use in the form of capsules.

Tincture – this is a liquid form of the extract, which can be applied either directly by dripping into the mouth, on a spoon, or it can also be added to various liquids and foods.


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