Cacao Tree 13/07/2020

The cacao tree, Latin Theobroma cacao, is an evergreen tree growing to a height of 6-10m, which originates from South America and belongs to the same family as walnut trees. The cacao tree is characterized by so-called cauliflory or stem-flowering – flowers grow directly from the stem, which is due to the weight of the fetus the only option for optimal procreation. The fruit contains five vertical rows of large seeds. These are brownish-red to purple in color and almond size. Dried seeds are called cacao beans – this is the part of the plant that serves as food.



It is known that this tree was already grown by South American Indians in the 5th century. Later, it was expanded from Amazon Valley to Mexico and other regions of America. Cacao was a sacred drink of the Aztecs, but it was the privilege only of the upper classes of the population. Thanks to the Spanish colonizers, the cacao trend gradually spread to other areas of the humid tropics. Subsequently, cacao also reached the African continent, which is today even the largest cacao producer in the world. Other major producers now include Nigeria, Brazil, and Ecuador.

Nejznámnější kakaový produkt na světě – hořká čokoláda


Cacao contains about 2.4% theobromine and 0.8% caffeine. It is also rich in many amino acids and antioxidants (flavonoids), which harmonize the body and promote immunity.


Thanks to the combination of active ingredients caffeine and theobromine, cacao gently stimulates the body and elevates mood. The presence of amino acids brightens the mind and promotes cognitive functions of the nervous system. Cacao is categorized as a superfood and therefore contributes to the overall harmonization of the body. It also has mild aphrodisiac properties.


Warm cacao drink is prepared from 1-2 teaspoons of cacao powder. For flavoring, you can then add milk, honey or other spices. A combination with Maca Peruvian, Ashwagandha or Cola nitida is suitable.

You can also freely add cacao powder to foods of all kinds, whether in various desserts, confectionery, yogurt, porridge or smoothie.