Cola nitida 13/07/2020

Cola nitida is a tree growing in West Africa, where it has been used by native natives for centuries for its stimulating effects. Whole fruits, which are referred to as cola nuts, are used. These fruits can also be ground to a powder and taken as a beverage. Probably the best-known example of the beverage the plant is part of is Coca Cola. The plant is no longer added to the drink and it was replaced by ordinary caffeine.


Cola nitida has been used for centuries by African tribes who have highly appreciated its stimulating effects. Also, it helped them to reduce hunger and was an ideal companion for long hunts and expeditions. It even served as a widely used currency. Muslims even consider this plant as sacred and use it instead of alcohol in social events.

It was almost forgotten when the plant was expelled from Coca Cola. Only in recent years, thanks to the expansion of healthy nutrition products as well as healthy stimulant drinks, Cola nitida products begin to appear again.

Kolové oříšky


The main active ingredient of Cola nitida is the stimulant caffeine, which is contained in 2-4%. Which is up to three times higher than in the same amount of coffee beans. It also contains theobromine, which is not only stimulating, it also promotes good mood and relieves stress. The plant also contains substances that harmonize the whole organism – many proteins, tannins and vitamins B and C.


Due to its high content of stimulants, Cola nitida acts mainly as an effective stimulant. It reduces fatigue, improves concentration and supports vitality. Caffeine in combination with theobromine and other compounds causes good mood and well-being, so the plant can also serve as a remedy for anxiety and depression. It is therefore a suitable companion for students and other people in demanding professions who need to encourage not only physically but also mentally.

Cola nitida can also be used as an aphrodisiac. Thanks to theobromine content, it also has a positive effect on the respiratory system – it clears the airways and relieves asthma. It also helps to optimize stomach and intestinal functions.


The recommended dose of Cola nitida powder is 1-2 teaspoons mixed in any liquid or food. We recommend adding to warm milk and flavoring with honey and other spices. It can also be added to a variety of porridge, smoothies, yogurts and other snacks.

Combinations with Cocoa powder, Maca Peruvian or Ashwagandha are suitable.