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Superfood of the Gods

This is cacao - a phenomenon that needs no lengthy introduction.

The fruits of this tree – cacao beans – are today an indispensable part of our civilization. It is used for the production of a variety of foods – primarily chocolate and other confectionery. It finds such use in the cosmetic industry in the production of a variety of creams, ointments and fragrances.

The homeland of this plant are areas of South America. Cacao it has been cultivated here since time immemorial and has played an important role in the lives of indigenous cultures.

The oldest cacao lovers were the Aztecs and Mayans, who had been working with this plant for 400 years. They used cacao as a sacred drink that was an indispensable part of their ceremonies and spiritual rituals.

Cacao subsequently spread throughout the world. It was also part of the cultural boom in ancient Greece, where it played an important role in local spiritual ceremonies. It received the name Theobroma Cacaoloosely translated from ancient Greek as "the food of the gods".

There is no cocoa like cacao

Cacao, which were used by the original civilizations, are significantly different from the cacao that we find today in ordinary supermarkets...

Today's commonly available cacao products are roasted at high temperatures - this roasted products are then called cocoa products. Although this process removes the overly bitter taste of cacao, the resulting product is therefore more useful for kitchen use. On the other hand, there is a destruction of many active substances that are responsible for the original properties of cacao, thereby the plant loses its healing potential. If we really want to immerse ourselves in the cacao experience, it is necessary to choose only those products that are unroasted or RAW.

Cacao beans are further processed into a variety of products – cacao nibs, cacao paste and cacao powder. While beans, nibs (small fragments of cacao beans), paste (formed by grinding the beans and cold pressing them into a form of chocolate-like mass) – are products containing complete plant material, cacao powder is formed by defatting cacao beans – thus reducing healthy fats and other vitalizing substances with a high energy value. Again, the full spectrum of effects that the original form of cacao mediates is reduced.

If we are looking for a cacao product that will allow us to use 100% of the potential of this plant – it is clear that it will be cacao unroasted, in the form of raw matter.

Cacao as a superfood

"It was not the second time that nature had gathered such an abundance of valuable nutrients in such a small space as happened with cacao beans."
- Alexander von Humboldt, naturalist

In terms of its vitalising compounds, cacao is one of the richest plants on the planet - it contains hundreds of different compounds that support the health of the body.

Cacao is a rich source of antioxidants flavonoids – supporting heart health, reducing cholesterol levels, acting anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating the body.

It is also loaded with building elements such as iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, chromium, zinc, manganese, which nourish the body on many levels. Cacao also contains essential amino acids and vitamins of groups B,C and E, supporting immunity and defenses.

Cacao like heart-opening medicine

Cacao was considered by the original civilizations to be sacred medicine that helps to heal the heart center of a person – it allows us to get rid of blocked, unprocessed emotions, trauma and other pains. In this way, we can open ourselves to deeper feelings of love, gratitude and belonging. We connect with our authentic self and can finally express ourselves freely – whether through dance, singing, breathing or prayer...cacao was thus widely used in ceremonial circles, allowing users to connect not only to themselves, but also to their loved ones.

Today, science is revealing that these magical effects are caused by substances contained in cacao, especially theobromine, anandamide, phenylethylamine – referred to as happiness molecules. They have an antidepressant effect, lift the mood and provoke states of euphoria, peace and tranquility.

Cacao as a means of expanding consciousness

The way in which the original civilizations worked with this medicine far exceeds the understanding that our civilization has about cacao today. The original cultures worked with cacao as an entheogen. Entheogens are groups of substances and plants that allow us to awaken the so-called inner divinity – they establish states of inspiration, intuition, creativity, connection with our higher self, etc. Spiritually based civilizations speak of such experiences as a connection with God, the universe, nature... These types of altered states of consciousness, experienced in the right environment and in a suitable state of mind, can be very rewarding and healing.

These effects lf cacao are due to the already mentioned molecules of happiness, but also substances called flavonoids, which in their own specific way stimulate brain functions – according to new studies , it turns out that they primarily stimulate the activity of gamma brain waves. Gamma waves promote the neuroplasticity of the brain and are associated with states of flow, increased creativity, aha-moments and deep meditation.

Ceremonial cacao

Ceremonial cacao it is rich not only in all beneficial compounds at the physical level, it also contains added "energy value" at the metaphysical level – all the processes of producing this cacao, from planting trees, growing, harvesting to processing the final fruits, are accompanied by sacred rituals and prayers of local indigenous tribes. The natives put the purest intentions into this cacao and celebrate the spirit of the plant, thereby activating the plant material on deeper levels. The subsequent consumption of such cacao gives us an even more healing experience and allows us to use the full potential of this plant.


Perhaps every original civilization that worked with cacao had a sophisticated cacao ceremony created, which was accompanied by certain rules. Therefore, in order to taste the true power of ceremonial cacao, however, we do not have to go so far. What is most important in spiritual work with this plant is to set a certain intention – that is, why I enter into the experience, what I expect, what I wish to receive (healing, clarity of mind, openness in the heart, release of emotional traumas, etc.).

It is also advisable to create a ceremonial space where we will feel safe. It is advisable to let the space scent e.g. some incense such as Palo Santo, sage, cedar and others. Other ceremonial objects such as amulets, statuettes, Tibetan bowls and other meditative instruments are welcome. We prepare cacao in a present, meditative mood, when we slowly tune into the spirit of the plant. In the same state, we also slowly consume cacao. Before consuming it, it is advisable to completely stop for a few minutes, tune in to yourself (e.g. using a deep breath), then to the prepared medicine and possibly to other people who are part of the cacao ritual. When consuming cacao itself, we can work with our breath, music or dance to deepen the healing effects.

Our ceremonial cacao from Bali

Bali, known as the Island of the Gods, is one of the original cultures where everyday life is still celebrated with prayers and rituals. This cacao comes from this high-energy place. Every process of its production – from the planting of cacao trees, through their harvesting to the final treatment – is accompanied by traditional ceremonies of the locals, who put the purest intentions into cacao and give it an invaluable energy value.

Our cacao is grown in the wild in the northern regions of Bali, in a fully organic way in the Fair Trade interface - the purchase price of the final product is set in such a way that the proceeds from the product sufficiently support the local communities and farmers.

Our variety of cacao is called Criollo, known for its rich chocolate taste. It also contains a high ratio of effective alkaloids and is therefore the most suitable for therapeutic ceremonial use.

Our personal encounter with farmers, local distributors and healers who work with cacao here, allow us to understand more deeply the spiritual meaning that cacao carries – not only in relation to the local population, but also to humanity in general.

From the heart it originated and goes to other hearts, opening them to even greater wholeness and love – this medicine is here for you. We wish you a pleasant experience.

Our ceremonial cacao from Costa Rica

This ceremonial cacao comes from the Puerto Viejo region of Costa Rica, known for its quality cacao and chocolate. Cacao was processed by local farmers, whom we met in person in the summer of 2023 and had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the secrets of their cacao production. Cacao is created in collaboration with the Bri Bri indigenous tribe, who have a long tradition of processing cacao and then using it for healing. Although cacao is commonly roasted by the indigenous tribes here, this cacao has not been roasted and thus retains the full spectrum of active ingredients, allowing any user to go even deeper.

Preparation of ceremonial cacao

Finely chop 30-40g of ceremonial cacao paste per person and place in a saucepan with water or milk, which we let cook over low heat.

Stir slowly with a wooden spoon until the cacao paste is completely dissolved.

During mixing, we add other types of spices or other superfoods that have a synergistic effect with cacao.

To support the taste of the resulting drink, it is recommended to add:

  • Coconut milk, e.g. our organic coconut milk powder (two tablespoons)
  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon
  • ginger
  • a pinch of salt
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper
  • a quarter teaspoon of cardamom
  • one teaspoon of honey

To support the effects, it is recommended to add:

  • one teaspoon of Peruvian Maca
  • a quarter teaspoon of Ashwagandha

(The recommended amount is always per person)

Intelligence of the Heart

Human heart – a life-giving organ with an irreplaceable function, distributing oxygen and other nutrients throughout our body. Although its biological functions have been known to us for hundreds of years, it is only in recent years that science has begun to understand the other levels at which this organ works, and it turns out what intelligence it actually possesses...

Current research on the heart and its influence on consciousness is done by the HeartMath Institute, which brings groundbreaking findings. It states that the heart produces an electromagnetic field that is up to 5,000 times stronger than that produced by the brain. Thus, the heart is the largest energy factory in the human body. The properties of this field are influenced by our emotional state, which further affects our organism and bodily functions.

A state has been described where the heart beats at a regular calm frequency, with accompanying feelings of gratitude, love, understanding and kindness – a state of heart coherence. We get into this state naturally during the day, for example, during a walk in nature, during a fulfilling social interaction, etc. In this state of mind, our organism returns to a balanced state, which has a positive effect on many bodily functions – support of immunity and vitality, reduction of stress hormones, reduction of blood pressure and overall better gene expression. When the heart beats in a state of coherence, the brain responds in a similar tuning – there is an increase in energy, brain cells communicate better with each other, states of creativity, intuition and empathy deepen.

This coherent state of the heart and brain corresponds to a frequency of 0.1 hz, which is also the frequency of the Earth's electromagnetic field (Schumann resonance or pulse of the Earth) – so it is no coincidence that individuals in a state of coherence describe experiences of connection with nature or the universe.

We can induce this state ourselves by practicing the right meditative mood, in which we can experience all the benefits of heart-brain coherence at any time.

Heart Meditation

This meditation of the heart is an invitation to the above-described state of heart coherence. Let's slow down, take a deep breath and tune into this life-giving organ and let our body permeate the elevated emotions of love, gratitude, belonging.

"I believe that if we combine the latest scientific knowledge with a targeted intention carried by the power of our attention and the right herbal medicine such as heart opening cacao... even during a busy day, we are able to achieve an inner pause in a matter of minutes and establish balance not only in our heart, mind, whole body – but in our lives, relationships with others and nature itself."

– Jakub Kubečka, founder of Gaia Store


Find a suitable, peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed. Sit upright and play meditation music in your headphones. Follow the instructions.

To maximize all the benefits, we recommend drinking a mug of ceremonial cacao before meditation!

We wish you a pleasant experience!

A little bit from our cacao journeys...

About the Author: Jakub Kubečka

My passion for maximizing human potential has been my strong motivation for theoretical and practical study of various directions dealing with holistic approach to life - natural medicine, yoga, transpersonal psychology, but also modern approaches such as neuroscience and biohacking have opened doors of previously unseen possibilities...

Currently, I am passionate about traveling around the world, coaching, transpersonal therapies and motivational work.

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