Medicinal mushrooms and it’s healing potential 10/06/2020

In recent years, not only thanks to new scientific knowledge, medicinal mushrooms have become increasingly popular companions on the daily path to a healthier lifestyle. The spectrum of their effects on human health is very diverse – from the supporting the brain functions, improving digestion or sleep quality, to increasing performance not only in sports activities. However, the primary function is to harmonize our body, support the immune system, and vitality. It thus serves as an effective prevention against the development of diseases, but also as a supportive means in their treatment.

There are hundreds of fungi referred to as “medicinal”. However, we will show you here only the most important for our health. These fungi contain similar bioactive substances, which are responsible for the healing effects of fungi – we call them beta-glucans. These substances supporting the immune system and detoxification of the body, have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral activity (it’s even documented that they can stop the growth of cancer cells). Medicinal mushrooms are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and building blocks that contribute to overall vitality and promote longevity. It is not for nothing that these mushrooms have been nicknamed as elixirs of youth. Due to their nutrient content, these fungi also serve as prebiotics – they help nourish our intestinal microflora (microbiome) and support healthy digestion.

In addition to these general effects, each of the fungi then has its own unique effect on a certain dimension of our health. These effects are already beginning to be clearly documented with the help of new scientific studies, thus confirming the various healing properties of these fungi, which were known to the original traditional medicines from all over the world many centuries ago.

The mushroom of peace and tranquility – Reishi

The Reishi mushroom is known mainly for its positive effects on the emotional dimension – it induces mental balance and allows us to better process emotions. Its relaxing effects on body and mind are very popular. In Taoist monasteries, it was even used as a means for improving meditation. It also has a positive effect on the hormonal system and improves the quality of sleep. The appropriate time to use it seems to be the evening hours. You can find more about Reishi in our herbarium.


Balm for your immune system – Chaga

If you are looking for a suitable helper to support your immune system, Chaga is definitely the right choice. The fungus contains unprecedented amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and building blocks that slow down the aging process, support vitality and the immune system. It also serves as an effective adaptogen – Thanks to its stimulating effects, it helps a person cope with demanding living conditions. It is therefore suitable to use it during periods of mental and physical stress. You can find more about this fungus in our herbarium.


Food (not only) for your brain – Lions Mane

Lions Mane mushroom is unique especially for its effect on the brain. It improves cognitive function – supports the ability of attention, concentration and memory. It also has a beneficial effect on neuroplasticity – it improves the ability to learn new skills and knowledge. In recent years, it has been found to even promote the growth of new brain cells, allowing the nervous system to regenerate. It helps, for example, individuals with degenerative diseases to alleviate their symptoms. You can read more about Korálovec in our herbarium.


Performance and energy doubled  – Cordyceps

Cordyceps is unique among medicinal fungi for its stimulating effects on the organism. It can reliably drive away fatigue, increase physical performance and prolong endurance not only during sports. All this thanks to the fact that it helps the body manage oxygen better. Famously, in 1993 when three athletes broke world records during the Chinese National Games the each occasioned Cordyceps mushrooms as the reason for their success

It helps to better oxygenate the body, thus supporting the functions of individual organs. It also helps increase testosterone level – promotes muscle growth and libido. You can find more about Cordyceps in our herbarium.

Why extracts?


We chose mushroom extracts because it seems to be the most effective and practical way to use these mushrooms. Under normal conditions, the active substances in the body of the fungus are contained in cell walls which are protected by chitin. The human body does not have the necessary enzymes that can completely break down this protective layer. Therefore, if the fungus is consumed in its original form, we are not able to absorb a certain amount of active substances. Extracts in which these active substances are extracted from initially inaccessible cells are such an ideal way to use the full potential of these fungi.

The extracts are produced gently by water extraction, in some species of mushrooms then the second extraction with alcohol comes into play. This creates a double mushroom extract. This procedure is carried out because the active ingredients of some types of fungi are not completely soluble in water. Reishi, Lions Mane and Chaga mushrooms are double extracted. Cordyceps is extracted only by the water extraction method, as no further is needed.

For each type of extract, we present the content of the most important substances that are responsible for the healing effects of mushrooms – polysaccharides and beta-glucans. Our extracts are a guarantee that the minimum content of these compounds is 30% polysaccharides and 15% betaglucans, which according to our research corresponds to the values ​​that are most beneficial for our body.

All mushrooms are carefully collected in individual Chinese areas, where they are further processed into the final form. Subsequently, they undergo quality certification and BIO certification in an independent German laboratory.

Mushroom Holistic Blend – when mushrooms like to be together

Medicinal mushrooms like to be together. They complement in terms of effects, and thus do not cover only one area of health, they contribute to the harmonization of our whole being. We therefore decided to combine the best of the world of these mushrooms, which gave rise to our unique Mushroom Holistic Blend.

The mixture contains the already mentioned functional mushrooms – Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane and Cordyceps, which we consider to be the most valuable jewels of traditional Chinese medicine. Their combination thus creates a unique means for harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

How to use

All mushrooms except Cordyceps can be taken at any time of the day. Due to its stimulating effects, Cordyceps is not recommended to be taken in the evening, which also applies to our Mushroom Holistic Blend mixture, which contains this fungi.

On the contrary, if there is some mushroom suitable for the evening, it is Reishi because it’s relaxing effects.

In general, however, the morning hours seem to be the most suitable for the use of all medicinal mushrooms. Mushroom powder can be mixed with your morning drink – in terms of taste and effects, coffee or black tea appears suitable. To maximize all health benefits, mushrooms should be taken on an empty stomach (approximately 20 minutes before meals) for better absorption of the active ingredients.

The first effects can be observed shortly after application. The effects are initially very subtle, perceptible especially by more sensitive individuals. The full potential of mushrooms does not appear until 2-3 weeks of use! We therefore recommend using mushrooms regularly 5-7 days a week. The recommended period of one cycle of use is 3 months. If you plan to take the mushrooms regularly over a long period of time, we recommend that you take a weekly break every three months. Individuals who use these mushrooms to alleviate the symptoms of more serious health problems can double the dosage to maximize the therapeutic effect. Although these mushrooms are practically harmless and without side effects, if you suffer from a more serious disease and are taking other medications, it is always advisable to consult your doctor about their use.

Conclusion – in health and in disease

Medicinal mushrooms prove to be suitable tools for improving the quality of health and life, not only for individuals already affected by various diseases. They are also rewarded by completely healthy individuals who are better able to face potential obstacles not only of a medical nature, but also obstacles of everyday life. Thanks to these tools, they can have not only medical, but also mental and emotional capacity fully armed to deal effectively with any situation, which results in the experience of greater life satisfaction.

I am glad that we are returning to the paradigm that the original healing of the whole world already understood – that is, that optimal health and harmony of life is not about curing diseases, but promoting Health and allowing it to flow through us. I believe that you will also be able to adopt this approach, for example with the help of these healing gems.