Introducing the new Kratom Wild Maeng Da 30/01/2023

Dear customers,

We are stocking the new Wild Maeng Da Kratom.

During our travels in Indonesia, we were able to connect with a kratom supplier that resonated with us in many ways. We were delighted not only by the great taste, the intensity of the effects, but also by the ecological background and other conditions from which this kratom is sourced. We therefore decided to include this kratom in our range - as it exceeds all our previous kratoms in intensity, it was given the Maeng Da label, which is a 'trademark' for the most potent varieties.

Wild conditions, wild potency

This kratom is harvested (as is about 95% of the world's kratom production) on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. However, many farmers here are modifying the natural conditions and creating plantations where these trees are grown. Our friendly community that provides us with this kratom comes from an area of the island called Kapuas Hulu. Here, they harvest leaves only from wild trees naturally occurring in the native biodiversity of the rainforest. This has a positive impact on the chemical composition, effects and resulting taste of the product.

So when you purchase our Maeng Da Kratom, you can be sure that the following conditions are met:

The leaves are collected only from older trees, which are richer in active alkaloids. The trees grow in a completely native environment, without the help of any pesticides or other chemicals. The production of kratom without any chemicals not only benefits the end customer, but ensures the health and sustainability of the rainforest ecosystem.

Each tree from which leaves are harvested is preserved with enough leaves to continue growing and producing its medicine for decades to come.

kratom wild

The kratom leaves are ground into a nano powder form that is more easily absorbed by the human body.

Each worker who handles this kratom is treated as a human being and not just as a workforce, as is common in this type of business. Suitable working conditions are provided for all workers, where their health and adequate financial compensation are taken into account.

All kratom is stored in airtight packaging in a refrigerated warehouse to ensure freshness. Harvesting is organised on a demand-driven basis - it is done on a smaller scale once in a while, never harvesting and storing large quantities of kratom at once.

Laboratory tests are already a matter of course, and therefore our supplier regularly tests kratom in a certified laboratory - both for the content of active ingredients and in terms of possible contamination for heavy metals, bacteria, moulds, etc. Only kratom that passes these quality tests is sold - please contact us for current lab tests.

A few words from our supplier

"We believe in evolution.... as we change, we also evolve, whether we want to or not. Deep within our DNA is the seed of love and belonging for all life forms."

"We nurture this seed - we source our products sustainably and care for the ecosystem from which they come. We also honour the demanding physical requirements our workers are exposed to and create a safe space for them."

"Today, the demand for kratom is unfortunately becoming one of the main reasons why large areas of rainforest are being devastated. For financial reasons, large areas of artificially created kratom plantations are replacing native, wild and unspoiled nature, which is taking a critical toll on the health of the entire ecosystem. By favouring wild kratom, you are helping to preserve and protect Borneo's native rainforest ecosystem."

"Thank you for helping"

- Borneo Energy