Honest Kava Kava Now in stock! 01/12/2019

We have great news for all lovers of this plant, but also for those who are just about to fall in love with it. After many of your questions about Kava in its original form, we have decided to listen to your requests. The result is a new cooperation with an American company that supplies some of the highest quality (if not the highest quality) products of this plant on the world market.

These products undergo maximum quality control in laboratories directly on the islands where Kava is produced. This ensures not only quality, but also its freshness thanks to regular weekly deliveries. We will also do everything we can to keep the product as fresh as possible and rely on regular deliveries from our distributor.

We believe that we have managed to stock the highest quality varieties that have also passed our quality control. The variety of effects of individual varieties covers perhaps a wide range of options – it is possible to choose a gently energetic variant suitable for daily use, a balanced variant suitable for any time of the day, or a relaxing and sedative option suitable for the evening.

We have also stocked a unique type of instant micronized Kava. Micronization is the process of grinding the herbal mass into very fine particles. Our distributor then removes from Kava all coarse fibers that cannot be easily ground and that could cause nausea and stomach problems. Therefore, this Kava only needs to be poured with water and can be consumed immediately without further processing. Thus, the need for kneading and filtering of the root is eliminated as in the traditional method of preparation. Thus, this type is suitable for all individuals who are looking for an easier and faster way to prepare.

Basic information about the plant and the possibilities of its preparation can be found in our herbarium.

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