Week of Health and Strong Immunity 08/11/2020

Autumn is coming, and with it a lot of (not only) climate changes that can shake our physical but also mental balance. In addition to the right approach to life and healthy psychohygienic habits, there are also natural medicines that will help us with the re-harmonization of our organism.

For centuries, across all continents, our ancestors have proven again and again the power of herbs that allowed them to cope with difficult living conditions and stressful situations with greater ease and vigor. These herbs boasted their unique positive effects on our immune system, mood, regeneration of mental and physical strength and overall health of the body – today we refer to them as adaptogens.

There is no better time to start using these funds than now, so we would like to introduce our most effective adaptogens, now with a discount of up to 20% valid in the period from 9.11 to 15.11.

Medicinal mushrooms – rediscovered healing jewels

Medicinal mushrooms, also known in indigenous cultures as elixirs of youth and longevity, are the right free for any individual interested in maximizing their health. They support the harmonization of the organism at all levels, so they serve as effective adaptogens. Its properties were used by traditional healing all over the world, they served as a prevention against the development of diseases, but also as a supportive means in the treatment of often serious diseases.

You can read more about medicinal mushrooms and their therapeutic effects in our article here.

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Superfoods as adaptogens

Superfoods are also among the adaptogens due to their high content of health benefits. We therefore offer a discount on this entire category. Warm up your body and soul with a warm drink made from the most popular superfoods such as unroasted cacao, Maca peruviana, Ashwagandha and others.

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Holistic Blend – Functional blends for comprehensive support of the organism

Truly effective immune guardians include our unique blends of the most powerful superfoods and medicinal mushrooms that optimize the body at all levels. Their carefully selected combination will ensure not only a pleasant taste, but primarily unique health benefits. The contained plants and fungi serve as adaptogens – they contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals and building blocks that help nourish the body and promote its regeneration. Each of the herbs then has specific effects on individual dimensions of man. Their combination creates a unique means of harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

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Kratom now with 20% discount!

Kratom has been a popular natural remedy for diseases of all kinds in Asian medicine for centuries, so we decided to include this plant in our discount offer.

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CBD blossoms

The health benefits of CBD products are now clearly documented and it is confirmed that cannabis is one of the most effective plants for supporting immunity and overall health of the body. Current studies reveal that CBD has antiviral, antibacterial, but also analgesic or neuroprotective effects.

You can read more in our article about the CBD phenomenon here.

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Natural remedies can be great helpers on the way to a healthier lifestyle, but it is necessary to keep in mind that no plant will do the "work" for us.


Without the intention to heal, one cannot be healed. But what is the intention?

Intention is a certain type of mental energy that manifests itself on two related levels:

  1. It encourages us to perform a certain will-based activity that is consistent with our intention (I want to be healthier, so I start exercising)
  2. It creates an electrochemical signal in the body, by which we make it clear to our body that we want some change. Based on this signal, the body begins to prepare for the change.

What we do for this change depends on the strength of our decision, which is also reflected in the intensity of the signal we send to our body (I decide to exercise right away – strong signal x I decide to practice sometimes when it is appropriate – weak signal). The stronger our decision (intention) to change, the more free activity (movement, meditation, diet adjustment) we perform, and the stronger the signal that we really mean it with ourselves, our body gets and begins to cooperate with us. Consistency is also important – thanks to it, we stay in touch with our body and constantly remind it of our intention.

Thus, it is clear that only if our body works simultaneously with us in the energy of a certain intention, only then will it be able to use the full potential of the herbal remedies that we use for a given purpose:
Only a body that is physically active will be able to draw all the nutrients and building blocks from herbs that support physical health. Only a body that actively performs a certain mental activity will be able to receive all the active substances from herbs that support brain functions. Only the body, actively practicing various relaxation and meditation techniques, will be able to fully tune in to the effects of herbs that induce peace and relaxation.

It is therefore understandable that the mere use of various health supplements without further activity is meaningless. It is therefore necessary to establish certain habits of a healthy lifestyle and to follow them regularly so that we can raise our health to a new level.

(Click on the title of each habit for more information)


According to medical claims, it follows that regular exercise promotes longevity, improves immunity, optimizes the functioning of the cardiovascular system, reduces the amount of excess body fat, improves digestive functions and optimizes metabolism. Exercise also has a major effect on the psyche of a person. Regular exercise literally serves as an antidepressant. 


The most suitable period for balancing the diet is the winter months. The body, for its harmonization and protection from adverse influences, requires an increased supply of vitamins and antioxidants, so it is advisable to regularly consume fruits and vegetables. Also suitable is a varied diet rich in minerals and building elements, which can also be found in whole grains, legumes, dairy production, meat, eggs and others. Also extremely important are healthy fats, especially those rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which the body cannot synthesize on its own. We find them mainly in fish, nuts and cold-pressed oils.


Proper sleep hygiene not only supports our immune system, it also vitalizes the body and lifts the mood. If we do not get enough quality sleep, our body's defenses decrease and we are much more susceptible to various diseases.


Seeing a glass half full or half empty can be the difference between our health and illness. It is confirmed that excessive experience of negative emotions, which is related to maladaptive beliefs about ourselves and the world, negatively affects the activity of our genes – the body produces less quality building materials, the body's defenses decrease, we are more susceptible to diseases. On the contrary, positive beliefs support our positive emotional state and thus the vitality of the organism, its defenses and regeneration processes.

According to the latest research , when experiencing positive emotions in the body, the production of a substance called Immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is a natural vaccine of the organism that protects us from adverse influences (chemicals) from the environment, significantly increases.

So change your mental state, for example, with a suitable motivational book, meditation and other... more here.

Meditation – If you can't go out, go inside

Meditation will allow us to quiet the surface of our distracted mind, influenced by various inputs from the surroundings, and will allow us to immerse ourselves in a deep healing silence. After each return from this space, we will feel a little better in relation to ourselves, but also to the world and to all the situations that surround us. In times of uncertainty, meditation helps us find certainty from within and tune into the source of the purest emotions such as love, gratitude and bliss. And you already know that this is the best means of promoting health and bulletproof immunity.  


Hardening is a popular method for supporting the immune system these days. Hardening can be done either in the environment of the home – an ice shower or a bath. For advanced hardy people, cold rivers, streams, lakes and others await in nature during this period.