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This cacao powder is obtained from unroasted cocoa beans, thanks to which it retains all the beneficial substances acting on the human body. The powder is 100% natural without any additives such as sugars or fats. It promotes a good mood, stimulates the body and harmonizes the functions of individual organs.


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The cacao tree, Theobroma cacao in Latin, is an evergreen tree found in areas of South America. Its popularity is mainly due to its fruit. These are the seeds, which we call cocoa beans. It is these that undergo subsequent processing to produce popular delicacies such as cacao powder, dark chocolate and other cocoa products.

Thanks to the combination of the active ingredients caffeine and theobromine cacao gently stimulates the body and conjures up a good mood. The presence of amino acids brightens the mind and supports the cognitive functions of the nervous system. Cacao is categorized as a superfood and thus contributes to the overall harmonization of the organism.


Prepare a warm cacao drink with 1-2 teaspoons of cacao. It can be poured over water or milk. For flavouring you can add honey, cinnamon or other spices. A combination with Maca Peruana, Ashwagandha or Coltsfoot is suitable. cacao The powder can also be added freely to foods of all kinds, whether in various desserts, confectionery, yoghurt, porridge or smoothies.

For a more detailed description of the plant and more information about its effects, history and method of use, visit our Herbarium.

Cocoa products and EU regulations

At the end of 2018, the EU lowered the limit on the permitted level of cadmium (an organic element naturally occurring in soil and the vegetation that feeds on such soil) in certain products, including this cacao powder. Since Ecuadorian and Peruvian soils, which are the primary cacao home, are rich in cadmium, higher levels of this compound are also found in the cacao tree and its fruits.

Therefore, every modified cacao product - powder and chocolate products entering the European market officially must undergo at least a moderate roasting process to reduce the excessive cadmium level to meet the legislative standard. Therefore, there is currently no cacao powder on the European market that is 100% unroasted.

Although it is still a natural product, with minimal treatment, the trade name "unroasted or RAW" has been preserved perhaps across all European retailers. However, we feel obliged to inform you about how the situation is in reality.

This regulation only applies to already processed cocoa products, our cocoa beans, cacao paste, or other cocoa products are still 100% unroasted and retain the full spectrum of active ingredients.

Weight -

250g, 500g, 100g

Nutritional values per 100g

Energie: 1739 kJ / 415 kcal
Bílkoviny: 25 g
Sacharidy / cukry: 44 g /1,5 g
Tuky / Nasycené: 11 g / 6,6 g
Vláknina: 11 g
Sůl: <0,1 g


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