Harmala Freebase Isolate 99%


The pure extract from the plant Syrian rue, Latin Peganum Harmala, which contains two main psychoactive substances of this plant - harmine and harmaline. These are represented here in their natural ratio - approximately 1: 1. Other compounds from the original plant are not present here.

The active ingredients of this product are in the form of freebase - so they are insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol, vinegar, or chemical solvents.

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Syrian rue, in Latin Peganum Harmala, is a traditional sacred plant from the Middle East, where it was an essential part of the spiritual rituals.

Historians speculate that this plant may have been part of the original hallucinogenic drink Soma that was used in areas of today's India. According to available historical sources, the drink was a source of inspiration for many important poets and philosophers. The plant is thus glorified in the original Vedic texts more than a thousand years old.

The product is intended for collecting and research purposes only, it is not intended for consumption.

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