Kanna Merry Stony – extract 1g


This highly concentrated extract of Kanna is in the form of a fine crystalline powder.

Alkaloid profile:

  • Mesembrine 32%
  • Mesembrenone 30%
  • delta-7-Mesembrenone 32%

You can learn about kanna extracts, their effective alkaloids, and how to choose a suitable extract based on their concentration in our article here.

For easier handling of the product, it is recommended to purchase a metal measuring cup.

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Kanna, Latin Sceletium tortuosum, is a plant from the South African continent, where it has been used since prehistoric times as a natural antidepressant. It can reliably encourage, promote a good mood and relax from anxiety, stress and depression. It is thus an ideal helper for excessive load on the body.

The plant is also a suitable helper in socialization. It effectively removes barriers, making its user more open, friendly and communicative. All this while maintaining full alertness, without attenuation or loss of attention, as with other products with similar effects. Recent studies even confirm that Kanna has nootropic properties – it improves the cognitive functions of the nervous system. It thus becomes an ideal natural alternative to conventional pharmaceutical medicines. Its effects will certainly be used by students and managers.

According to the legislation of the Czech Republic, Kanna is not an approved nutritional supplement or food and is therefore sold only for collecting purposes.

For more information about the herb, its history of use and other findings, visit our Herbarium.

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