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Kava Kava Concentrate Guava 100ml


This concentrate from the Kava Kava plant was created in the workshop of Kalmwithkava, which has been the number one company on the world market for many years. The extract from the highest quality varieties of Kava, combined with the delicate taste of Guava without any added artificial sweeteners and additives gives rise to a unique preparation that will be appreciated not only by everyone who loves this plant. The advantage is the minimal complexity of the preparation, many individuals will also appreciate the absence of the typically earthy taste that accompanies the common form of the plant.

According to current legislation, we offer this product only as a collector’s item, so for more detailed information, we refer you to the official label from the manufacturer or to our herbarium.

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In the Pacific, Kava Kava is used mainly for its relaxing and intoxicating effects. It is thus able to effectively overcome anxiety, stress, and depression. It also acts as an effective hypnotic – induces peaceful and undisturbed sleep, and is thus popularly used as a remedy for insomnia.


In medicine, Kava is used for its analgesic effects. It relieves pain of all kinds, relaxes muscles and also helps against cramps. All this without reducing the cognitive functions of the nervous system, as is usual with other substances with similar effects.


Kava can also be applied externally. It is placed on open wounds or skin diseases. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and also serves as a local anesthetic.

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