Kava Kava Vanuatu Borongoru – root powder


Borongoru is a variety from the island of Vanuatu, which is an ideal remedy against stress and anxiety. It is one of the varieties that have a strong relaxing and sedative effect. It is therefore suitable for late afternoon or evening hours. It also helps to fall asleep more easily and serves as a remedy for insomnia.

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In the Pacific region, Pepper tree is used mainly for its relaxing, relaxing and intoxicating effects. Thus, it is able to effectively fight anxiety, stress and depression. It also acts as an effective hypnotic – it induces calm and undisturbed sleep, and is thus popularly used as a remedy against insomnia.

In medicine, kava is used for its analgesic effects. It relieves pain of all kinds, relaxes muscles and also helps against spasms. All this without attenuation of cognitive functions of the nervous system as is typical for other preparations with similar effects.

Pepper is also applied externally. It is laid on open wounds or in fungal or skin diseases. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and also serves as a local anesthetic.

According to the legislation of the Czech Republic, Kava Kava is not an approved nutritional supplement or food and is therefore sold only for collecting purposes.

For more information about the herb, its history of use and other findings, visit our Herbarium.

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