Cola nitida – powdered nut


Cola nitidaCola nitida is a tree growing in West Africa, where it has been used by indigenous people for centuries for its stimulating effects . The fruits of this tree – cola nuts, are usually ground into powder and taken in the form of a drink.

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Due to its high content of stimulating substances, it acts Cola nitida especially as an effective stimulant. It eliminates fatigue, improves the ability to concentrate and promotes vitality. Caffeine in combination with theobromine and other compounds causes good mood and mental well-being. It is therefore a suitable companion for students and managers who need encouragement not only physically, but also mentally. Cola nitida it can also serve as an aphrodisiac.


The recommended dose of Kolovník powder is 1-2 teaspoons. We add this amount to any liquid or food. We recommend adding to warm milk and seasoning with honey or other spices. It can also be added to various porridges, smoothies, yogurts and other snacks.

A combination with Cocoa Powder, Peruvian Maca or Ashwagandha is suitable.

For a more detailed description of the plant and more information about its effects, history and method of use, visit our Herbarium.

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