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Healthy body

Herbal remedies not only to support your favorite sports activity, but also to optimize your body’s functions and hormonal system.


Clear mind

Nootropics as a tool for improving cognitive functions, clarifying thinking and establishing a positive approach to life.


Pure spirit

The use of herbal preparations to support meditation and other spiritual practices, or their use in various ceremonial settings.

We are convinced that the harmony of body, mind and spirit leads to a happy life and optimal health. And it is natural medicine that can help us find this balance again. Thanks to our deep interest and a wealth of expertise in holistic healing, we feel like a mission to spread this awareness …
With the belief that it will also help your personal growth.


More about a holistic approach to health

Nature is our field

We have been dealing with the issue of natural healing for many years. Careful theoretical and practical studies of the original strains, which used plants in the traditional way, provided us with many realizations. Thanks to expert knowledge from other industries such as chemistry, botany or psychology, we are able to perceive the issue from multiple levels, understand a wider range of individual plants and determine the suitability of their application with respect to the current situation.

Many years of studies have confirmed that in nature we will find everything we need to fight today’s (not only) diseases of civilization. We are convinced that by returning to natural resources, we are able to raise our lifestyles to a higher level, and ultimately contribute to the development of a far more harmonious and conscious society. New research in these areas clearly confirms that what we have always tried to replace with synthetic means, nature has always provided us with. Many of these studies can be found on our blog portal.

Man's relationship to nature

The initial contact with the wisdom of natural nations evoked in us another desire to know, and even that was the impulse to travel out into the world. Trips to distant continents, which are also the original areas of these traditional plants, have allowed us to experience the local nature. And that’s probably why we became fully aware of how we treat it. Many sacred places, forests and steppes, but also the homes of the original tribes, are devastated by industrial society on a daily basis. And not only the landscape dies, but also the sacred plants, and with them our opportunity to heal in a natural way.

It made me think, which eventually gave rise to the idea of combining my knowledge of medicinal herbs with the desire to help save their original areas. And so the vision of the Gaia Store project arose.

Why Gaia?

Gaia, the original Greek goddess of the earth, our mother, protector. The one from which all life arose. The original tribes were well aware of this. Therefore, giving gifts and sacrifices back to the Earth and its gods was part of many rituals. Today, the Earth needs us more than ever.

I therefore decided to establish cooperation with the Living Earth Foundation, which supports the preservation of the original natural areas. So that we, too, can begin to return our Earth. At the end of each month, we regularly pay part of our earnings to this foundation. You contribute with each purchase in our e-shop. Among other things, you can also contribute any amount independently (see below).

Our priorities

In addition to supporting the original natural areas, our priorities include, of course, the satisfaction of our customers. Our motto is: Do not sell a product that you would not want to receive yourself. That is why we carefully build a network of reliable and high-quality suppliers who are able to provide goods of first-class quality. I’m sure we did it. However, in case of any dissatisfaction, we will be happy to listen to you and recall the product without any problems.

The products are packaged on the day of the order and sent no later than the next day. The customer has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of carriers and payment options. The entire range is carefully packed in quality paper bags with a zipper to preserve the active ingredients and aroma. We have decided to minimize our impact on the environment, which is why 99% of our packaging materials are completely degradable and compostable – from herbal bags, labels, boxes to stickers and isolepy of all kinds.

Living Earth Foundation and Kogi Indians

We work with the LIVING EARTH Endowment Fund, which helps the Kogi Indian tribe preserve its landscape and free way of life so that it can continue its important mission for all of humanity – caring for the planet and keeping its functional systems.

The Kogi tribe is one of the few original civilizations that still lives a completely original way of life without any means of our modern times. They therefore present to us their wisdom in immaculate form, and help us to remember how important the development of the spiritual side of man is for the maintenance of the balance of the whole planet. More information can be found on the foundation’s website.

how can i contribute?

Contribution to the account of the Living Earth Foundation

CZK Account: 2801475283/2010
EUR Account: 2401475284/2010
IBAN: CZ5820100000002401475284

Through the shopping cart in our store

When you purchase goods, you will see the option to contribute any amount to support the foundation in your shopping cart. You can round the excess crown to the full amount. You will then pay the contribution together with the payment for the purchased goods.

Thanks for any purchase in our store

Every month, we pay 5% of earnings to the LIVE EARTH account, so you contribute every purchase in our store.

I believe that our portal will help you find your way to a healthier and more authentic self. With the fulfillment that you have done something right for the world around you.

With love, Jakub Kubečka
Founder of the Gaia Store Portal


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