Ban on Kratom in Slovakia – possible alternatives, wholesale options and other discounts

As many of you already know, Kratom will soon see its ban in Slovakia – the official date when this herb will be outlawed here was set for 9.12.2021. We decided to create a short article that summarizes what it means (not only) for Slovak customers, how they can pre-prepare for the ban, how to proceed after the ban and whether something similar awaits us in the Czech Republic.

How can Slovak customers prepare for the ban?

The Slovak customer should count on the fact that we are able to send the last orders with Kratom no later than 8.12.2021. However, if the Slovak customer is located near the Czech border, he can have Kratom delivered to one of the Czech branches of Zásilkovna, or to a Czech address in the vicinity, where he can easily pick up the product even after its ban.

New wholesale options to facilitate recent purchases

Customers can also prepare for the ban by stocking up on more of the product. That is why we decided to launch a wholesale sale of certain varieties – now kratom can be purchased through our e-shop up to a weight of 1.5 kg. If you are interested in even larger quantities, please contact us individually.

Possible alternatives to Kratom

Outside of Kratom, of course, there are many alternative plants that, due to their similar properties, can serve as its suitable substitute in states where it is already banned.

In addition to our permanent plants, we have therefore decided to include new alternatives that fall into the same genus as Kratom – This is the genus Mitragyna. In addition to Kratom himself (Mitragyna Speciosa), there are also his other cousins. Among the most famous are, for example , Mitragyna Hirsuta, Mitragyna Javanica, which contain similar substances to Kratom. Their main alkaloid is mitrapyline, which binds to similar receptors and causes similar effects. Thanks to their different taxonomy and content of active substances, these plants will be legal in our country and Slovakia even after the ban on Kratom.

The extract from the Mitragyna Hirsuta plant will be stored in the first half of December.

As other kratom alternatives, we can also recommend products from our range such as Kava Kava or Kanna. You can find more about these products in our herbarium.

Ban in the Czech Republic

Whether Kratom will soon be banned in the Czech Republic is still a question. Currently, the inclusion of this plant in the list of prohibited substances is under discussion. A petition is now circulating on the Czech Internet, which aims to highlight the positive effects of Kratom, its role as a medicine and prevent its ban in our country. You can sign the petition here:

10% OFF all kratom

We have also decided to make it easier for (not only) Slovak customers to stock up and until 8.12.2021 we offer a 10% discount on all Kratom varieties. (The offer does not apply to new wholesale weight variants – from 1Kg onwards.) The discount can be applied by clicking on the coupon in the shopping cart.

Despite the difficult operation of the legislative forces, we promise you that we will continue to work on expanding our offer with other plants that have therapeutic potential and can help us live a more balanced life... especially at this time.

Thank you for your trust!