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Mulungu - Tincture 10 ml


Mulungu, Latin for Erythrina mulungu, is a tree native to the Amazon region, where it has been used for centuries by local indigenous tribes as a medicine. Due to its unique effect on the nervous system, it serves as an effective remedy for various conditions of excessive stress.

This full-spectrum tincture is made by ultrasonic extraction method. This extraction process allows the plant to preserve and express its essence in all its (full-spectrum) beauty. It thus retains all its unique properties - effects, taste or aroma, encapsulated in this handy bottle.

The tincture contains only Mulung extract, water and alcohol (40%).

Extract strength 10:1 - 1 ml tincture = 10g dried Mulungu bark

Read more about the production process of this tincture below.

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Mulungu has an irreplaceable place in the traditional folk medicine of Brazil, Peru and other parts of Latin America. It is especially known as aneffective sedative and relaxant, which effectively calms the human nervous system. Mulungu has probably also had a significant socio-cultural impact, with the indigenous peoples of these regions using the tree to overcome their fear of territorial warfare. Since time immemorial, it has been used in local Brazilian folk medicine as a sedative, anxiolytic, antidepressant and an effective remedy for insomnia and other sleep disorders.


The tincture production process:

The Mulungu plant is extracted by ultrasound under strictly regulated processes where the temperature never exceeds 38 degrees Celsius. This production process ensures that the medicinal bioactive compounds of the plant remain intact and retain their original properties and synergistic action.

It is a purified extract. Non-essential fatty acids have been additionally removed to preserve the high amount of active substances of the plant. Each 1 ml of extract contains approximately 10 grams of dried Mulung bark.

The tincture has a long shelf life because it contains alcohol as a preservative, which prevents the spread of unwanted microorganisms.

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An article about Munay tinctures, the ultrasonic extraction method, and why we preserve with alcohol can be found here.

According to the Czech legislation, the Mulungu plant is not an approved food or nutritional supplement and is therefore sold for collecting purposes only.

For a more detailed description of the plant and more information about its effects, history and method of use, visit our Herbarium.

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